We are
Capstone – Beyond Limits

a specialized consulting agency for the video game and interactive entertainment industry. We focus on companies and professionals active in the industry or use game technology in other industries.

Industry Facilitator

Stimulating collaboration and finding ways to create a stronger industry.

We strongly believe that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Making companies and professionals better accessible, contributes to new and innovative products and services.

That is why we see it as our mission to create and introduce services that will help making a stronger game industry.

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Business Enhancer

Bringing the best talent to game company.

You know your company best! But do you have time or the right resources to execute your recruitment needs? We are experienced industry professionals who highly value customer experience and customer satisfaction.

We bring global talent to your company in a way it feels as if we are your own recruitment team. We keep in mind that we are part of your employer branding proposition.

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In Collaboration with Reshift Digital

Together with Reshift Digital (gamer.nl/ Insidegamer/ Power Unlimited) we launched a Dutch Game Industry Niche Job Board. We engage with more than 275.000 game professionals and game enthusiasts every month.


Are you looking for Game Professionals
to join your team?

Recruitment Services

Bringing the best game talent to your company.


temporary staffing and
permanent placement
Recruiting the best (fit) game professionals
for your vacancies. We can take care of
the full recruitment process. Starting
with creating a candidate profile and
finishing with on-boarding.


Boost your project
You need a whole team or a single expert
for your project? We deliver temporary professionals who will contribute
to your project. Hire professionals on
a freelance or pay-rolling basis. Giving you the flexibility to easily scale your team based on
your needs.


scalable and consultative recruitment services
You do not have your own recruitment team or
you need to hire a large group of professionals!
We will provide you with a dedicated recruiter
who will manage the whole recruitment process
as it is your own corporate recruiter.

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